Reusable Wool Dryer Balls Pack of 4


Reusable Wool Dryer Balls Pack of 4

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  • Product details:

    Approx Size: 7 cm +/- 1 cm

    Quantity: 4 balls in a set

    • These wool dryer balls can help shorten the drying time of your laundry by up to 20%!
    • Natural fabric softener: No more dryer sheets, liquid fabric softeners or plastic dryer balls! This means no harmful chemicals! Our dryer balls will last over a thousand loads and help you save money and reduce waste because of its reusability!
    • Customization: Dryer balls can be scented with your favorite essential oils to freshen up your clean laundry!

    These balls are made with high quality wool and will not unravel.


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