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6 Layer AWJ Edged Hemp and Bamboo Terry Insert


Our best selling 6 layer hemp and bamboo terry inserts just got an upgrade! This time we added an AWJ edge lining to help reduce some bacon-ing (which happens to natural fibers).

Our 6 layer hemp and bamboo terry inserts are perfect for added absorbency to your cloth diapering needs! It is perfect for heavy wetters and nighttime use!


Product Details

  • Brand: Greener Odyssey
  • Composition: 6 Layers
    • 4 Layer Hemp Cotton (core), 2 Layer Bamboo Terry (sides)
    • Approximately 13.78" (35cm) x 5.31" (13.5cm) 
    • Edges sewn with AWJ 
  • Natural shrinkage will occur. 

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