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How many diapers do I need?

  • For full time cloth diapering we recommend a minimum of 24 diapers. You may need more than 24 diapers during the newborn stage. Your diapers will last longer if you have a bigger stash as this will cut down the wear on them from washing.

  • We recommend to do a wash at least 2-3 days so as to not lock in odors. Rotate your stash evenly.

Do I need to wash my diaper before first use?

  • Yes. All Greener Odyssey products must be washed before use. We recommend pre-washing your cloth diapers in warm water. Please refrain from using fabric softeners, bleach, pure soap or harsh chemicals. Hang dry your cloth diapers or dry in dryer on low setting. Inserts can be dried on a higher setting.

What is the  warranty on Greener Odyssey products?

  • All items are under limited warranty for 90 days. The warranty covers workmanship problems including loose stitching, holes or broken snaps and zippers. Again please check your item(s) upon receiving them as washed or used items are not eligible for returns. If you discover a manufacturing defect upon initial inspection please contact us so we can send you a replacement.

  • Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty. This may include staining, fading or damages caused by improper care.

  • Leaks are not considered a defect. Leaks can be caused by different factors such as incorrect fit, insufficient absorbency of your insert choice, detergent residue causing liquids to repel or compromised waterproof lamination. If you believe your item(s) qualify for our warranty please contact us.


  • We have requested all our manufacturers to send our items ​without individually packaging them in OPP bags (Polypropylene bags). This helps reduce our plastic usage and waste. If your order requires plastic packaging we will limit the number of plastic used.

  • We try to limit our paper usage as well. All useful information can be found on the website. If more help is needed please feel free to contact us at or ask us a question via Instagram or Facebook.

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