We are a family owned business located in California. We initially started this when I was pregnant in 2017; I joined an expectant mom group on Facebook and some moms talked about cloth diapers. I came across the statistic that an average baby uses 2,500 or more diapers in the first year alone. Knowing this made me immediately want to jump on the cloth diaper train.


I initially looked into local brands of cloth diapers but they were too expensive for our budget. I almost thought about just going to disposables because of the price per diaper but I thought there must be a better route – one that fits our budget. I found suppliers who could meet our budget and this made me decide to not only do cloth diapering myself but to bring more affordable cloth diapers to others as well. We don't believe that price should be a deterrent to being environmentally conscious. I try to share my newfound love for cloth diapering to more moms and dads out there and try to do my part in helping save the environment by doing so.

Beginning 2019 we have started to work with the non-profit organization The Cloth Option to help families in need with their costs and provide them with cloth diapers while spreading awareness about the benefits of cloth diapers.

We are working hard on creating our own brand of cloth diapers and corresponding items. We have worked with a local artist to create our own custom one-of-a-kind prints. We are always looking for more ideas and products to bring to others in order to help them reduce their waste and help the environment. Our motto is: less disposables, more reusables.

- Janet H.

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