Greener Odyssey Large Wet Bag - Bee-lieve


Greener Odyssey Large Wet Bag - Bee-lieve

  • Wet bag print designed exclusively for Greener Odyssey.


    *This print is also available as OS Pocket Diaper, OS Diaper Cover, NB Diaper Cover, Small Wet Bag and Diaper pod.*


    • Brand: Greener Odyssey
    • Material: 100% Polyester PUL
    • Zippered closure: Seals bag and keep odors at bay
    • 2 sturdy handles to easily carry the bag when it is full. Can be easily hung on hooks or doorknobs.
    • Water-resistant. Easy to wash and fast drying. Machine washable.
    • Great for storing soiled diapers, swimsuits, gym clothes, towels and more.

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